Race Recaps

Stuff the Sleigh 5k South Milwaukee
Town Bank (formerly Talmer) Turkey Trot 5k
Brewer’s Mini Marathon & 10k 1:00:45
Storm the Bastille 5k fun run, forgot to start watch
Summerfest Rock N Sole Quarter Marathon 1:03:50
Sweet Home Milwaukee 5k 27:57
Irish Jig Jog 5k 28:39

Talmer Turkey Trot 5k 31:35
Lakefront Discovery Run 15k 1:56
All for a Cure 4 Miler 38:00
Milwaukee Brewers 10k 1:01
Chardhi Kala 6K 45:58
Race for the Bacon 5k 29:33
Cudahy Classic 5 Miler 49:51
Summerfest Rock n Sole 10k 1:13:35
The Color Run 5K 30:01
The Polar Bear Dash 5k 33:38

Milwaukee Santa Hustle 5k 32:25
Caledonia Police Run for a Reason 5k 43:30
The Color Run 5K Untimed
Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run Untimed


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