MRIs Are Fun!

So yesterday was the day, MRI day. I hate MRIs and am terribly claustrophobic as in crying, shaking, vomiting claustrophobic. So the doctor dopes me up pretty good, enough that could take out a small horse I imagine. It does not work for me but it keeps me still enough to do the test. I should be out cold with the amount of pharmaceuticals running through me but I am exactly the opposite, wide awake and ready to party. Thankfully, when I got home last night I fell asleep almost immediately. This morning hasn’t been so good, I have a drug hangover, I can’t drive and am very vommitty. I need to take my MRI film from last time back to the MRI place because I forgot but I can’t drive right now because I am still sort of out of it. Once I get that film there and the disk sent over to my neuro I should have results in a couple of days. Best case scenario is that I have no new lesions and the lesions that were there have calmed down or gone away completely. Worst case is that I have new lesions and the old ones did not go away. Then it will be time to change medicine again and I am not impressed with the other options they have out there. I should have an update later this week. I am going back to bed to hopefully sleep off these drugs, I have stuff to do!


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