Solumedrol is the Devil

Look at how puffy my hand is!

Look at how puffy my hand is!

So last week was my week long date with solumedrol.  The week was fine aside from the restlessness and sleepless nights.  Ambian allowed me to get at least a little sleep so I could mostly function normally.  The worst part of the infusion is the week after.  I am crashing hard.  My skin is a mess which I can’t stand.  I want to hide under the blankets until it gets back to normal.  I am short tempered.  I don’t even want to be around myself, I can just imagine how my poor husband feels, although he did say today I haven’t been that bad.  We had my follow up with Dr. Van Steen today.  I learned lots of useful info.  If I have to do have to have the infusion again he will give me a tapering dose instead of letting me crash.  I also never really knew what happened to my brain after a lesion disappeared.  Is that area dead, gone or back to normal?  For the most part, in my case, my brain is back to normal in the spots that have “healed”.  The concern occurs if you get lesions repeatedly in the same areas, eventually you will be left with a black hole and loss of brain tissue which is exactly what you don’t want.  I will have a follow up MRI in early April to see if the infusion and strict adherence to my medicine has done the trick.  Technically, I have not gotten to the remitting part of my relapsing/remitting MS so it would be nice to not have any disease activity on the next MRI.  I am excited to share that Copaxone has been approved for a 3x a week shot!  7 days a week is a little much for me and going to 3xs a week will be so much easier for me to adhere to.  That being said, I just got my 3 month refill so it will be a couple of months before I can make the switch.  Of course if the MRI doesn’t show improvement switching becomes a moot point.

I haven’t run since last Monday but I am getting the itch to get back to my schedule and am even thinking of adding a third day of Crossfit to the mix. February is chugging along pretty quickly which means I need to get back to my regular running schedule because there are lots of great runs coming up that I want to do. One run in particular is the Irish Jig Jog to benefit MS Run the US. Some day I hope to run the relay but I have gotten a ways to go before I am ready for that mileage. This weekend my friend Sarah is running the Cupid’s 5k in Racine so good luck to her! I hope this is a PR for you! I am not running it because we have a jam packed weekend but I can’t wait until we can do a run together!

Tonight’s Crossfit workout:

15 minutes AMRAP (4 rounds +8)

5 Push Press (40 pounds)

10 ring dips (blue band and mini band)

20 kettle bell swings (30 pounds)


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