Jogger vs. Runner and Yogging

Yogging IS wild!

Yogging IS wild!

My good friend and make up artist Anne has started jogging or yogging as she likes to call it. Which got me thinking about jogger vs. runner. Last summer when I was doing a Tuesday group run with PRO to get ready for Rock N Sole, a father said to his kid, “let’s wait for the jogger to pass”. That kind of annoyed me. I am not a jogger, I am a runner. When I am running you better believe I have a plan, an itinerary, a place to go. Jogging, to me, sounds like I am just ambling about with no destination in mind. Maybe I take my training too seriously? Maybe it would do me good to do some good old fashioned yogging? The yogger, Anne, also got me thinking about how people start running. I started the same way as her, just get on a treadmill or get out the door and off you go! I felt like I was flailing about, trying to add minutes to my run or focusing on the total distance. My method of training got me hurt, often. I made all sorts of mistakes, bad shoes (I cringe thinking back to what I used to run in), bad form (cringing, cringing) and no plan except to run. So I started talking to other runners, reading running magazines, articles on for newbie runners and I joined the spring running program at PRO.  One of my coworkers who is a runner turned me on to minimalist running and suggested the very first running store I went to. That running store helped correct my form and got me into my sick kicks. I now know what kind of shoe to look for and am educated about what works for me in a shoe. After I got the new shoes I was off to have my injuries evaluated and was given exercise and stretches to help correct them. After the injury evaluation I discovered an amazing chiropractor who does Active Release Technique and helps correct bad running form!.  After some time off and a lot of effort, I was running injury free. During that time off I downloaded the Couch to 5k app and when I was injury free I used that app to get started. Trust me when I say that app made running safe and enjoyable for me. Even now that I can run a 10k, I am revisiting the app. Since I have run in very limited quantity since Thanksgiving I redownloaded the Couch to 10k app and started from scratch. Yes, the beginning is very easy for me, but I make it harder by adjusting the incline and running at faster speeds than normal. The bonus with starting over is that my fastest time last year is now my slowest time this year, so watch out!

In addition to revisiting the Couch to 10k app I am also rereading “Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally” since my last MRI wasn’t so great.  I won’t have too much more info on that until I see my neurologist on Tuesday, after that my next post will go into further detail about the results.  Until next time, keep running!


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