Principal’s Office

So I thought that starting a blog during my “off” season would be the way to go. I would have more free time to get it up and running but my “off” season seems busier than my training season. I mentioned in a previous post that I had to have an MRI the day before Christmas Eve. Due to the holiday my doctor reviewed the MRI on Friday. Which, by the way, the last few Fridays have SUCKED! I am going to stop loving Fridays and start loving Mondays instead. Yes, you read that right. More about the Friday suckage later. My doctor’s nurse called to let me know that I need to schedule an appointment to discuss my results. I feel like I am being called to the principal’s office. I feel like the results are going to be worse than they told me over the phone. Then part of me thinks, I feel fine, I don’t notice anything wrong with me so shouldn’t that be the gauge rather than some test result? Isn’t the goal in managing MS to remain as normal and disability free as possible? Which I am. So that’s all the info I have regarding the MRI right now, stay tuned my follow up appointment is 1/21.

So why do Fridays suck you want to know? This Friday we spent a boatload of (unplanned) cash on a new water heater because ours decided to quit on Thursday night. I ended up missing work. I have so much stuff to catch up on so it was not a welcome off day. Then the Sasha incident (that was technically a Thursday but I am counting it as a Friday Eve) and then there was a Friday right before Christmas that I tripped and fell ruining my new jeans at least I saved my beverage and I wasn’t majorly injured. But this Friday had a silver lining, it was girls night out! And this happened:

Me, my friend Stephanie and the ladies!

Me, my friend Stephanie and the ladies!

Which made everything so much better!

I am also setting up a new webpage for my girlfriend, scheduling a blog photoshoot and one for our anniversary and running (on the treadmill, totally uneventful) and working and crossfitting. So that is all I have so far! Watch for my MRI update soon!


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