2014 Let’s Go!

Performance Running Outfitters Run Into The New Year 5k Training Group

Performance Running Outfitters Run Into The New Year 5k Training Group

For the past 6 weeks or so I had the privilege of mentoring the Run Into the New Year 5k group through Performance Running Outfitters. Sadly, due to Sasha getting sick and then me getting sick I missed 2 weeks right in the thick of training. I hate missing stuff I have committed to! As I mentioned in my Talmer Turkey Trot post Wisconsin got really cold really fast this year. The run I did on Thanksgiving was 27 degrees and Run Into the New Year was 7 degrees and icy! I almost fell several times walking to the building where we were meeting our group. I am a wimp, a wuss or whatever you want to call me so I did not run. I merely went to support my fellow mentors and runners. None of the other runners from the Shorewood group showed up and I don’t blame them. Running your first 5k in 7 degree weather is not fun in my opinion. I am hanging up my outdoor running gear until March or so and be tied to the dreadmill for the next 2 months. Don’t be surprised if I don’t have any really insightful blog posts about running, nothing really interesting happens on the treadmill. I hope to use this “down” time to add more recipes to the blog and get more content up.

In my holiday recap post I forgot to mention the amazing present my husband got me for Christmas. A few months ago I had showed him this race bib holder I wanted. What I got was better than I could have ever imagined. Based on the idea I showed him this is what he came up with:

Made with love for me from my husband.

Made with love for me from my husband.

It has room for my race medals and bibs! He is so creative, crafty and handy!

And finally……

Last Thursday we had a little emergency room visit for Sasha. I let her out for a bathroom break and I saw her ramming her head into the snow, mainly her ears. When she came back into the house she was violently shaking her head and I could hear water or something rattling around, plus she was pacing the house and just beside herself. She would not leave me alone and was all up in my face which isn’t normal. I took a paper towel to her outer ear to see if I could figure out what was going on and when it came out bloody I knew we would be going in. I called the emergency vet and gave them the low down on her ears along with the low down on her thirst for dog blood. They said to bring her in and to call when I get there to make sure the waiting room was safe. Sasha gets muzzled so I wasn’t worried about her hurting anyone but I wanted to also minimize her stress (and mine). It was pretty quick and painless getting her into the office and she was easy to get on the scale, 80 pound healthy girl. I can’t say the same about having the vet and tech try to examine her ears. In her defense she only tried to pull away, not bite, not bark and not growl. She did bark and growl when the vet and the tech and the receptionist came back into the room but as soon as she realized she met them already she settled down. Poor thing is still trying to protect her momma even when she’s sick. They took a culture of her ears which they found yeast (duh I told them that) and too many bacteria to count. She got a shot of a steroid because she was in such rough shape I wanted something fast acting for her. They sent us home with pain meds, ear wash and antibiotics. She is doing much, much better.

I feel like the crazy dog people because when I left to take her in I called the husband but he was at work and didn’t answer, then he tried to call me back but I couldn’t answer because I was talking to the vet so I finally got to talk to him after she had been examined. He is the type that if Sasha sneezes he wants to call the vet. I have grown up with these dogs my whole life so I am a little more level headed. He knew if I took her into the emergency vet it was bad. So he left work to give her moral support and then she got to ride in Daddy’s truck on the way home. This dog is so spoiled.


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