Talmer Turkey Trot

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving with their loved ones! I started Thanksgiving with the Talmer Turkey Trot in Burlington, WI. It was a very well run race. Packet pick up was super easy and fast. There was a nice warm place to wait in Veteran’s Terrace until it was time to race. We had a short walk to the start line and I took this as an opportunity for a short warm up. Truthfully, at 27 degrees I really was not in the mood to run or warm up. I have a little secret, I hate running in temps below 40 degrees. It is not exhilarating, it slows me down and it hurts my respiratory system. Maybe I am a fair weather runner. Maybe it was worse this time because I am getting over a nasty cold. The funny thing is that Saturday it was much warmer, great running weather actually. I was running errands with a sweatshirt and jeans on, no jacket needed. Anyway, back to the Turkey Trot, the starting line announcements were a little tough to hear and the start of the race went over a bridge which created a bottle neck but that is the only complaint I have about the race overall. The course was a loop and it was clearly marked with signs and volunteers. Once we got past that first bottle neck and the runners pulled away from the walkers there was plenty of room on the course. The finish line was sort of a cluster, I had a bit of a hard time locating the water because there were lots of runners just standing around or maybe it was because I was hacking up a lung thanks to my lingering cold and the dry winter air. I finished in 31:35.15 not my finest effort but running in cold weather is tough, especially when you hate the cold like I do! If you have not run in 27 degrees I’d like to invite you to Wisconsin to give it a go. I didn’t train for this run because I have been injured since the Lakefront Discovery Run at the end of October, add in two colds and that really puts a damper on things. Overall I am glad that I did it and as a bonus I won two raffle prizes! A pie and a gift certificate to the grocery store. On a side note I love, love, love raffles. Since I already made dessert for our Thanksgiving festivities I dropped the pumpkin pie off at the police department that I work for.

Bonus raffle prizes!

Bonus raffle prizes!

Oh! I almost forgot! I got new shoes, Brooks Pure Drift, which are pretty similar to my old Inov8s in that they are a 0mm drop and very lightweight.

Brooks Pure Drift

Brooks Pure Drift

I love trying new shoes but I will stick with my trusty old Inov8s from now on. My middle toenail on my right foot is completely black and it was super tender for a few days. I am sure that I am going to lose that nail. I am glad this didn’t happen in the summer since I love pedicures and sandals. Right now my feet really look like a runner’s feet and I think it is because I have tried 3 different pairs of running shoes in the past 3 months. With my Inov8s my toenails never turned black and my feet were always happy. Lesson learned feet, lesson learned.

Well I have to get ready for work tomorrow which is always hard after a long weekend but the good news is I have just three weeks of work left this year and then I am off until January 6th!


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