Fat Shaming

This phrase has been thrown around a lot lately, fat shaming. It’s when fit people post pictures of themselves looking, well, super fit and the result is not so fit people feel bad for not being as fit. If just pictures can make one feel badly about themselves I hope the complainers don’t watch TV, look at the internet, go outside or read magazines. Should I feel bad running in shorts and a tank because I may be fit? Do I care if I look good or bad in that outfit? Not really. I am out there running, moving, bettering myself. Sometimes, just sometimes there may be an underlying reason for shorts and a tank or bra top. Sometimes that person isn’t trying to make anyone feel badly about their body or show off theirs. Sometimes it is the combination of the rising body temp due to exertion and the elevated outside temps. MS and heat don’t mix. If less clothes is what it takes to make it more comfortable for me to run then that is what I am doing. Don’t like it? Don’t look and definitely don’t judge that person if you don’t know their story. I think the world needs to put on their big boy or girl underpants and toughen up because not everything is meant as an assault on you personally and you have a choice to close the web browser, turn off the TV and move on. I found this great article on mental toughness and realized that I naturally think this way. The bonus to mental toughness? It makes you a better runner. You’ve got to have a mental toughness to crank out one more mile when all you want to do is quit.

I first encountered this phrase on my Yahoo home page. There was a picture of a beautiful woman and her three cute boys and it was captioned “what’s your excuse?” If you haven’t seen it yet, hop over to Yahoo and take a look. After I read that article I began following her on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about her. I don’t agree with everything she posts 100% but the message is generally good. What I took away from all of this is that she wants to inspire others that may be overwhelmed by life and think they can’t do it. Her intent was never to make anyone feel bad about their bodies. You are in charge of how you feel and no one can make you feel unworthy, except you. I have had many stones thrown at me, do I care? No. Not even a tiny little bit but I realize my mind works differently than many people. Another thing I learned from following her is that people follow people on social media that they don’t like. Why do people follow brands or people that they don’t like? Is it just to ruffle feathers? I don’t have time for that nonsense. Maybe if the feather rufflers would get off of the computer and use that time to get healthy they wouldn’t be so full of hate.

In addition to the “fat shaming” going on apparently being fit is the new rich. We should all feel bad for running, working out and eating healthy. We should all feel bad for wanting to inspire others. That is the message I am getting from all of these ridiculous articles about annoying runners or fat shaming. I am inventing a new word “fit shaming”. Those haters out there want to drag the fit down to their level. I wonder if those posting hateful, hurtful comments/articles think that will stop a runner from running or stop them from working out and instead bury their face in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s?


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